Dawn Fallik
Journalism Internships

Journalism Internships

When I started at the University of Delaware in 2007, there was no journalism internship program. I coordinated with local news outlets -print, broadcast, radio and online – to develop both summer and academic semester internships. I also worked with alumni to create endowed internships at The Philadelphia Inquirer and The News-Journal, and also helped create alumni-supported internship stipends so that students who could not afford the (often) unpaid internships could still take advantage of those opportunities.

Every year, I coordinated a panel with a dozen local editors so that students could come, ask questions and learn about internship expectations. As seen in the photo above, it was very popular!

To receive internship credit, students had to create blogs about their experiences, and also send examples of work they did over the semester or summer.

Here are a few examples:

Delaware Online

Philadelphia Inquirer 

News Journal

Delaware Today