Medical Writing


Medical writing students prepare to enter the cadaver lab.

A majority of medical writing students are pre-med, pre-pharma or 
nursing students. The class focuses on how the media portrays the 
medical field (are all doctors heroes? pharmaceutical companies 
villains?) and students learn to analyze stories for bias, jargon
and accuracy. They learn to think about all the messaging the public
receives about health throughout the day, and report on if that 
information is helpful and truthful. 
    Although most are not journalism minors, they
interview both patients and medical experts. They practice writing
study stories and research public data. We also visit a local 
medical school's cadaver lab, where students work directly with 
several bodies. The goal is for them to understand the complexity
of the body and why it is so important to provide accurate 
information to the public. 

Syllabus and course schedule
Pictures of Health - Instructions
Pictures of health - Assignment
Student interviews 1  (video)
Student interviews 2  (video)
News analysis assignment
Study story directions - Instructions
Study story example 1 - Assignment
Study Story Example 2 - Assignment
Medical Q and A example
Final Story Example